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Special Session Interspeech 2016

Singing synthesis challenge "Fill-in the Gap"

The special session “Singing Synthesis Challenge: Fill-In the Gap” aims at bringing together research teams working on singing synthesis from all over the world by means of proposing a common challenge. The challenge will be to fill-in the gap in a well-known song (e.g., “Autumn leaves”), i.e., to synthesize a new, specially written couplet. The new couplet includes new lyrics, and possibly a new melody, to be inserted in the song. The chosen song is a top hit song, so that a large number of interpretations are available on the web and can be used for reference, acoustic analysis, machine learning, comparison, etc.

All aspects of singing synthesis and all methodologies are welcome, including both off-line (studio) singing synthesis systems, with no limits on time for producing the result, and performative (real-time) singing instruments. While contributors are encouraged to produce a singing synthesis, other aspects like evaluation methodologies are welcome and will be considered as valid contributions. Interspeech 2016 attendants will be given the opportunity to vote for their preferred synthetic song.

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