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Singing contest material

The fill in the gap task consists of the synthesis of the singing voice for a selected karaoke version of the two famous XXth century songs :

  1. Summertime music by George Gershwin (1934)
  2. Autumn Leaves music by Joseph Kosma (originally les feuilles mortes (1946))

Variations on Summertime

Score and Lyrics in English

Score and Lyrics in French

Variations on Autumn Leaves

Score and Lyrics in English

Score and Lyrics in French


Original lyrics have been written for both songs for the fill in synthesis challenge, these lyrics exist in English and French and you are free to select the version you prefer, or translate the lyrics to any language you may like.


Numerous version of these songs are available freely at different locations on the internet and you are asked to find the score you would like to use. Feel free to adapt the score to your liking.

The accompaniment music can be chosen freely by the contributors. Examples of existing karaoke versions are available on youtube under the following links:


Autumn Leaves

But you are free to select other instrumental interpretations to accompany your synthesis. Note, however, that the synthesis will be evaluated with and without the accompanying music.

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